Cornell Jermaine International

Hi! I'm Cornell Jermaine. I am an Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur. I have a 20-year professional background in the beauty industry. I've served as a hair stylist, for many beautiful, gifted and talented women around the world. However a few years ago I recognized my greater purpose in life, and that is to be an active contributor to the beauty of humanity. As a result, you'll find that much of my content is related to some aspect of beauty and female empowerment. However, the core principles are relative to everyone.

While you're here, I invite you to check out the “Build On Beauty Podcast.” The show was designed to help women, in particular, recognize their most valuable asset; the soul, while equipping them with the insight and tools necessary to increase that assets'worth. Each episode highlights a story of inspiration coupled with practical information to empower the listener to discover and develop their greatest potential. I must say my podcast guests' are the best, they never disappoint. Some of our guests include Finance Coach and Money Maven, Patrice Washington, Grammy Award Winner and TV personality (from the group Mary Mary), Tina Campbell and Music Executive, Professor, and founder of the iconic group Destiny's Child, Mr. Mathew Knowles.

In addition to the podcast, there are books, music, and some other cool stuff here for you. Check it out! And stay on the lookout because I have more great things to come. Well, I must get back to work, be sure to connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for updates, pics, and insight into this fantastic journey. Thanks for visiting. Until next time, let your soul be made whole. Take care! :)