Unlock Your Potential and Make a Lasting Impact! At Cornell Jermaine International, our mission is to create an empowered and educated society through the support of visionary leadership, entrepreneurship, and communication. Everyone can make a lasting impact on the world through their actions. Our purpose is to provide individuals with the necessary resources to maximize their potential as leaders and entrepreneurs. My mission is to provide inspiration, education, and resources to help people reach their highest potential. I offer multiple services for individuals looking to enhance their beauty and self-image. From my podcast Build On Beauty, which covers everything from physical health to social dynamics so you can get an all-encompassing view on life topics, to my Hair Care Counsel podcast, where you'll get actionable advice and tips on handling your hair correctly. I aim to ensure that individuals can access the resources they need to develop their beauty standards further. I offer unique services such as private coaching sessions and online courses on personal development topics such as inner confidence building and goal-setting strategies. I also provide creativity coaching for entrepreneurs and business owners looking for guidance on leveraging their strengths effectively. I utilize my communication, leadership, and entrepreneurship skills and my passion for helping others achieve success to bring out the beauty in all people. Through my services, I want each person who comes in contact with me or my brand to be inspired to take actionable steps toward becoming the best version of themselves. -CJ