Be fearless

Let your soul be made whole!


build on beauty-01I spent many years of my life in fear. Fear of what others may think. Fear of failing. After looking upon the precious time I wasted I realized something and that is that fear can kill you. What do I mean by that? Maybe not so much a physical death but definitely a spiritual one, you see all the time I spent in fear not only was a waste but it caused me to continuously stump out the gift of purpose that God planted within me. I was afraid of not measuring up to even my own expectations. Yes I wanted to start a business and I thought it could be successful. But would it? Yes I could go back to school and get a better education and go onto bigger and better things. But would I?

The second guessing of myself was a result of fear. It very well could be true that the business may not go as well as I thought or that the education I desired would not take me into a better career. But the problem is not the fact that I may or may not succeed. The problem was that I robbed myself of the possibility and the potential I had to succeed. And furthermore the wisdom that comes by way of the experiences that we have whether failed or otherwise.  If we never put ourselves in the position to have experiences or opportunities to learn we will never acquire wisdom to teach and the accomplishments to show the next generation they too can be fearless? Don’t misunderstand me here. I am in no way giving you the license to go out and become an alcoholic, drug addict, sexual offender or any of the like. Those things were never designed for your life and if you follow after the things of God you can very well avoid them. This act of fearlessness is meant for you to take chances in life as it pertains to you exercising your intellect, expanding your influence and broadening your faith in the God we trust. Fearlessness is something I have found to be very common in young children. The act of fearing or being afraid is a learned behavior. Our environment, our relationships and our lack of connection with ourselves all play a role in keeping us in a state of fear. So how do we deal with the fear factor? We change our environment. Plant yourself in a place that helps you grow into that which you see for yourself. That place could be physical, mental and spiritual. Build new relationships. Connect and establish alliances with people who are going where you are going. And lastly connect with yourself. Know what you are made of. Find out what God says about you and say those things about yourself. Fear is only good when it is used as a tool of humility. What do I mean? It came a time when I made up in my mind to move forward and exercise my potential. Was I still afraid and fearful of failing or what others may think? Absolutely, but I grew to a point where I didn’t care anymore. I decided to use that fear in reverse. I moved forward with fear but in faith. I said now God I don’t know if this is going to work but I believe in you and I trust that you know what to do with every situation. I’m doing my part, now the rest is left to you. And as I continued to make steps toward destiny the faith began to cancel out the fear and all of a sudden miraculous things began to happen. Fearlessness doesn’t mean you aren’t afraid at times or concerned about your life. Fearlessness is the act of lessening your fear by moving closer and closer towards your destiny. The closer you get to the goal the more insignificant that initial fear becomes. All of a sudden you become stronger and the greater the task becomes the greater your faith becomes to champion over it. Start with small steps towards your goals and before you know it you will have made it over the mountain, valleys and rough roads of life into the power, purpose and greatness God designed for you.




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