MISSION: Help women beautify their lives from the inside out.

METHOD: We fulfill this mandate through the power of music, the inspiration of spirituality and the art of beautification.

#1 Priority: Be an INSPIRATION!

We liken inspiration to that little flicker that ticks every time a stove is turned on. It’s that element in the cooking process that seems insignificant but when considered, packs a powerful punch. That flickering and ticking is full of gas which is used to catch the eye of the stove and set fire ablaze. Ultimately the eye of the fire is what’s needed to cook a meal but without that flicker the stove would never see its fullest potential. BE (Beautify Enterprise) wants to be that flicker that ticks in the lives of women globally. As an entity we long to see women inspired to change, inspired to be free and inspired to love and live life, beautifully.    Company Credo: Women should feel confident, comforted and cared for.   Company Philosophy: Men play a vital role in the well being and evolution of women. –Cornell Jermaine
BE Faithful!

Exhibit God kind of faith by building on spiritual substance and using His gifts to bless the world, while exuding integrity, which is our corporate character.

BE Free!

Live the God ordained life by maintaining liberation from the debilitating pressure of human opinion in order to be captured by the power of the Spirit.

BE Friendly!
Treat everyone as a friend to ensure that kindness, hospitality and generosity are the principle factors and leading forces within our business affairs and company culture.

BE Fun!

Having a good time is important for every facet of our company. It makes the load a lot lighter and smiles a little wider.

BE Focused!

Nothing just happens, at some point there must be some intensity, some discovery and some agility.