BEST Hair-transformation 2013

"A girl should be two things classy and fabulous". -Coco Chanel

Jennifer Lawrence best hair-formation 2013Jennifer Lawrence best hair-formation 2013  Jennifer Lawrence best hair-formation 2013

After being totally blown away with the hair-transformation of the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence. I could not help but blog about her sassy, classy, funky new haircut. In the past we’ve seen actresses and artist drastically change their look but none in my opinion have been so dramatic yet so perfect. Usually when a celebrity goes from long tresses to a really short pixy type cut it sometimes takes their fans a little time to embrace it. However for me and I’m sure there are others who feel the same, I was amazed at how beautiful it is and wondered why it hadn’t happened sooner. Don’t get me wrong Jennifer Lawrence’s long hair was pretty but the new haircut is the bomb! From a professional stand point it’s not only gorgeous but youthful and functional. It highlights her facial features and gives her an edge that many in her industry can’t pull off. Madam Jennifer Lawrence you’re looking amazing, two thumbs up to your hair stylist! And for the record your performance in American Hustle with Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale was phenomenal.

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