Braid less hair extensions


braidless hair extensions

braidless hair extensions loop brushThis is a very innovative way of applying hair extensions to natural hair. It allows you to get the length and fullness you need without the time commitment, bulk and discomfort of traditional sewn extensions. The braid less sew in uses micro linking beads which is conventionally used for fusion hair extensions, the link is  placed around the circumference of the head or the area needed, the bead link  is closed and the hair is applied as in a traditional sewing method. The unique thing about this method is as the natural hair grows out the beads make it easy to tighten up any lose tracks. I recommend this technique for women with medium to coarse hair textures. If you get this service done you must be very careful with various styling techniques as extreme tension can be damaging. However for finer hair types I advise you wear it for a minimal period and place close attention to your hair while styling with the braid less sewn extensions because finer hair is more prone to damage. A great tool for keeping your hair manageable while wearing this technique is a loop hair brush, it keeps hair and links from being snagged by the bristles while brushing and styling your hair.

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In my opinion this method works well with clients that have a decent length of hair as the technique is primarily meant to add length and fullness. For a person that is looking to cover their entire head ask your stylist about the wig cap, traditional sewn weave or the quick weave method.

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