Bridal beauty tips.

"A girl should be two things classy and fabulous". -Coco Chanel

bridal beauty tipsLadies please hear me and hear me well, your wedding is a big deal and one that should be cherished and remembered for being beautiful however do not overdo your hair style. You should look at your hair as an accessory; in my opinion the hair should be simple, sexy andbridal beauty tips (3) beautiful. I have seen it more times than not, women fretting and stressing about how they’re going to wear their hair. They have so many ideas about what they want, that without good counsel they go out and make a mess of their hair style. Think of your wedding day as a theme party, your dress is the party décor and your hair is that small but special gift called the party favor. Your hair should be a settle special feature that compliments your overall wedding attire, it should not stand alone. One of the main things that should determine the direction of your hair is the style of the dress and

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hair accessories that you’re wearing.  Whether it’s a veil, a flower or a string of pearls, don’t make yourself a wreck by stressing out about your hair. Find a professional that works well with bridal hair and put them to work on your big day. Keep in mind there are many good stylist who are very talented at doing hair that do not perform well on stressful days like weddings, you want to be sure whomever you get can perform under pressure, as that tends to come with most wedding ceremonies. Ask around get referrals and consult with them before scheduling an appointment, in some cases doing a trial run of the look that the two of you decide on may also be something you’d like to do to ensure that particular stylist is the right fit. At the end of the day the most important thing is that you remain true to your personal style and enjoy the celebration of your matrimony. I hope this little tidbit helps you out. Until next time, take care! CJ 🙂


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