“CHANGE” Tracy Chapman


What a powerful song. I stumbled across this song one day years ago on a road trip. As I drove on the highway I couldn’t help but to fall into the web of self-reflection that this song brings. To me it’s one of the most thought provoking songs I’ve encountered primarily because it makes you really consider the error of your ways. Many of us within have a great desire for change but for whatever reason never experience it or we experience it only because it’s forced upon us. But what would happen if we willfully changed our circumstances? What would happen if we knew that this very night we’d cease to exist? Would you change? Would you live your life free and passionately? This is the message behind this song. Many times we make poor decisions and in my opinion we are entitled to that. None of us are meant to be perfect however is it necessary to live in the regret of those poor decisions for the rest of your life? What can you do today to support the change you want see in your life?  What can you do today to repair the relationships that have gone wrong in your life? These are questions that I asked myself after listening to this song. What will it take to make you change? Most of the time change comes about in our lives because of intolerable pain; in other words we don’t change ourselves, our circumstances, or our environments until things become so painful that you can’t bear it anymore. We’ve seen this behavior many times over. The wife that spends years putting up with her abusive husband until the day that abuse becomes tragic. That person that embraces poor eating habits until the day it lands them in the emergency room. Or what about that individual that lives their life in fear until that day they realize their fear is causing the many pleasures and opportunities of life to pass them by. So let me ask you a question; if you knew that there was more for you and all that you can imagine you can do, would you change?

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