Cornell Jermaine International

Hi! Welcome to Cornell Jermaine International, a socially conscious empowerment brand created by Entrepreneur, Author and Media Personality, Cornell Jermaine. Where our mission is to enhance the beauty of humankind, I've launched several initiatives that will undoubtedly inspire, empower, and motivate you to greatness.

I'm delighted to host you on this journey. Amazing things are taking place around the world. Amid a global crisis, I feel this is still the most significant time to be alive. I am regularly in touch with individuals that are making amazing things happen, with their life, their profession, their businesses, even now. And I believe great things can happen for you as well.

I am passionate about giving you my very best while sharing my journey and the lessons learned along the way. My ultimate objective is seeing you embrace your greatness. I want you to join me along with many others in the Les Brown Prodigy Program.

Les Brown has been a voice of empowerment for many years. As a protegee and program ambassador, I am a living witness of the transformation that takes place when he coaches you. Check out the Les Brown Prodigy Program today. You won't be disappointed. (Link on the homepage.) Also, check out the Build On Beauty podcast, which celebrates its fifth year in production. Wow! It's hard to believe it's been five years already. Lastly, follow me (@CornellJermaine) on Instagram and Twitter for daily inspiration and insight into this journey of greatness.

As my mentor, Les Brown always says, "you have greatness within you." Now is the time to realize it! And I want to help you. Let's build something remarkable together! -CJ