Do what you can and leave the rest for God

Let your soul be made whole!

Tbuild on beauty-01his is something that most of us have to learn whether young or old. I think so many times we as people try to be superman or superwoman and although it works sometimes it’s not an ideal situation, primarily because we are only equipped to handle so much and trying to push the limit on that can lead to disease and all kinds of mental and physical breakdowns. So how are we to handle such situations? This is where a relationship with God becomes important. God doesn’t expect us to do everything. There are some things that are our responsibility and there are some things that are left to His jurisdiction. In light of this we are to establish a dependency upon God.

Learn to do what you can and leave the rest up to God. I since a need for this in many areas one of them being politics, some say the church should have nothing to do with politics but I beg to differ. How are we to affect change in our community, in our society and in our generation if we don’t infiltrate the worlds systems through government? Yet even in that all we can do is vote for who we perceive to be the best candidate and leave the rest to God. Ultimately God is in control anyway so even if the wrong person is voted in he has no power over the living God.  We should take this same approach in our personal lives. I have learned to do this, only with the help of God though. I was the type of person that wanted to control everything, not that I wanted to control people or anything like that. What it is, is I wanted to be in control of every situation. I wanted to see the uneven road ahead so that I could take a detour and avoid it. And while that is possible in some scenarios it’s not the case in every area of life. There will be times that unforeseen incidents will occur and all we can do is leave it up to God. I remember when I started working on a project. I’d planned it out and gathered all the money that it would take but after I got the ball to rolling I realized there were some things I had not allocated for. I had come too far to turn around so I had to do what I could and leave the rest to God. What we don’t realize as servants or better yet friends of God is that this is the very place that he wants us to be in. He loves for us to be at that moment of “I don’t know what else to do but I can’t give up now”. This gives him an opportunity to show forth his wisdom, might and power. It is in those situations that God gets the glory. Because it will be obvious that you could not have done it in your own power, stop sweating your situation. Do what you can and after you have exhausted all your resources give it to the Lord. For he is a very present help in the time of trouble (Psalms 46:1), if you can grasp this principle and implement it now you will not become so stressed and laden with fear, worry and doubt in your latter years. You will have developed a consciousness that lends itself to the dependency of the living God, who by record is well able to handle any problem, issue or situation that you encounter, just leave it in his hands.


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