“DON’T BE A FOOL” Loose Ends


In the community I grew up in calling someone a fool was far from a compliment unless it was said in a moment of laughter and fun amongst those with whom you are close, then it could have been somewhat endearing. For many being called a fool means being uneducated or less fortunate but I beg to differ. I think a fool can be educated and well off to some degree. You see to me foolishness has nothing to do with college degrees or social status however it has everything to do with the use of wisdom. This song is one of my favorites from the 90’s it has a cool funky beat but the message it proclaims is one that we all should take heed to. It’s one that always motivates me to do more and be more. I’ve come to realize that many of us with our Gucci, and other designer possessions are living foolishly. Financial gain, material possessions and social status does not mean anything if you never live the life you’re meant to live. Many people everyday live miserably working at jobs they hate, married to people that disgust them and spending money they don’t have. Life is more than that; it’s about you tapping into that treasure that you posses on the inside. What were you meant to offer us in this life? You have something worthwhile something unique and valuable. It would be a shame for you to leave this earth having lived beneath your privilege. Stop trying to impress and keep up with your girlfriends who are more than likely more miserable than they make believe. It’s time you take the necessary steps toward your treasure. It may be challenging but it’s not impossible just pray to God and ask him for direction, he’ll give you the tools, trust me it’s his heart to see you prosper. You can have the life you choose if you don’t be a fool.

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