Embrace truth and live in it!

Let your soul be made whole!

build on beauty-01We must understand that we are three part beings—body, soul and spirit. We must deal with each layer in order to experience complete freedom. When we receive the Spirit, the truth automatically comes with it. The Spirit knows the nature of God; it understands  spiritual things. But it is our mind, will and emotions that must embrace the truth, which is what the Spirit already possesses.

When the soul and spirit of a man are all in line with the truth, the body will automatically follow. Once this is done, we have a well-equipped individual, who has all of his or her members working in concert to fulfill God’s original plan and purpose.

Your belief system determines your paradigm or world view. The two major functions that make up your belief system are your conscious and subconscious mind. So how is your belief system formed? What determines your belief system is the information you feed it. The Bible clearly tells us, “If thou canst believe, all things [are] possible to him that believeth” (Mark 9:23). For many of us, our system of belief stems from another place—not God’s Word.

Many operate from the belief system that was formed in them—from infancy to age 7—by their parents or guardians. Now that does not mean that we are not influenced after age 7; it just means that our source of greatest cultural influence changes. If during the initial phases of life, our parents don’t teach us or we don’t become exposed to other people like teachers and school counselors who help develop the right belief system we were intended to have by God, we will be left to fish on our own—hoping that we fish in the right place, use the right bait and catch the right fish.

We see this in teenagers who have an improper belief system. For example, a teen girl meets someone who tells her “you are so beautiful” and how much he loves her. He then pressures the young woman to have sex. We all know the line, “You would do it, if you love me.” Because the young woman doesn’t have the right belief system about who she is, her value to God and her place in the world, she complies with the request. And as a result you have, a beautiful young woman who has presented a foot hole for the enemy to bring turmoil and unwarranted drama to her life in hopes of fulfilling his mission to steal, kill and destroy her (John 10:10).  The teen girl heard the partial truth—“you are so beautiful”—but not the whole truth. The partial truth got interwoven with a lie. It’s time we all; man, woman, boy and girl embrace the truth and live in it.

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