This statement or proclamation is one that we have heard many times over, particularly if you’re in Christendom you can remember when and who made this statement popular. For me this saying took on a new revelation when I heard another statement which coincidently was made by the same person Bishop T.D. Jakes. One day while watching his television broadcast as I rarely do not because he isn’t an excellent preacher and eloquent speaker but because I really don’t watch much TV at all. But this particular day I landed on his broadcast and I sat and watched only to find out that what he was ministering on was water for the seed of greatness God had deposited in me, even before the foundation of the world. As I’m getting more and more engulfed in his message he says something that  for me was like a warm embrace in a time of discomfort or a gentle touch when you feel forsaken he says so passionately as only he can “preparation is never time wasted”. And there it was it hit me like a ton of bricks. You must understand at this particular time in my life I was working and moving towards what I felt was my purpose. I had a vision for my life and I was preparing myself and everything around me for that vision to come to past. The only problem was that I was preparing for something I did not see and furthermore had never seen before.

I know many of you are out there just like me. God has given you a vision and you believe it but its territory that you’ve never tread before and you have nobody in your life that has been where you wish to go. All you can do is stand on the promises of God and the vision that God has given and move forward toward your goal. However if we’re honest with ourselves we sometimes feel discouraged because we prepare and do what we know to do but we have not seen the full manifestation of that vision and there is no one around who has been there that can say your almost there, keep going, it’s on its way. So we just continue in the work while at the same time being weary. But I am often encouraged by the word of God in Galatians 6:9 that says “be not weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap if we faint not”. But in all I honesty I got weary and tired and said at one point forget this life of greatness, purpose and abundance I just want to be mediocre live my life get married have a few kids a house with a yard and contribute to the rat race mentality of our society. But that was not my destiny though; trust me what God has put in you will always fight against your own will. You will always have to battle with yourself to complete the tasks that he has in mind for you because more times than not they go against your own will whether we choose to walk in it is entirely up to us but trust me the desire to do it, be it and live it will always be there.

I see it all the time people who have become discouraged in their dream because they felt all the little steps they were attempting to make were meaningless or because the vision seemed too big for them. So they go on living an average life knowing they were meant for more. Only to find themselves later in life complaining about the way another person does what they do. They fault find and become frustrated with another man’s method but they fail to realize that the true frustration is with them. You want him or her to perform in a way that God has uniquely designed you to do it. But because you won’t take courage and live the life you are meant to live you spend your time projecting your misery and frustration upon another man. Stop and look at yourself the next time you choose to point the finger. Could it be that at the root of your accusation is a person that failed to realize their mission and purpose for living? Don’t get mad at me because I don’t minister like you think I should that’s not how God uses me that’s how he uses you or at least would use you if you would let go of your fear and allow him. Nevertheless “preparation is never time wasted” has become a truth to live by for me. I was ready to give up not because I didn’t think God would use me or because I was fearful (although don’t get me wrong I have been that before) but because I didn’t think all the hard work all the diligence or persistence was paying off I thought I was wasting my time. But Bishop Jakes that day encouraged my soul and said in so many words keep moving keep going don’t stop now get ready the harvest is on its way. And at that moment I believed again in my vision dream and idea it took on a whole new life. I wrote this blog because I wanted to encourage you like Bishop Jakes did me what you are preparing for is already waiting on you. Don’t give up because of you fear the unfamiliar don’t give up because you can’t find an example in anyone around you, keep moving anyway.

It could be that the idea God has given you has never been done before. You could be the one who has been commissioned by God to be a trailblazer for someone else. Is it an easy task I’d imagine not who wants to walk through a huge field of nine foot weeds in the sweltering heat trying to whack them down in order to create a trail for those to follow? Not many people I’d imagine but that could be your mission. Just think if you fail to complete that mission how many generations to follow could miss out on what they need in order to be successful. As the song says “I need you and you need me” period dot point. We can make this journey a success with the efforts of each one reaching one. But if no one ever reaches out to you remember that God is there and he does care and if he called you to it he has already equipped you for it. Keep moving, preparation is never time wasted; believe it, receive it, live it. Get ready your harvest is soon to come, for your labor is not in vain. Blessings to you always!

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