Cornell Jermaine

The Ladies Man

Cornell Jermaine—affectionately known as “The Ladies Man”—has worked in many capacities, from singer/song writer to business manager, from entrepreneurial consultant to small business owner. In his mission to help women beautify their lives from the inside out, he became the founder and CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) of Beautify Enterprise LLC.

While serving as a beauty industry professional for many years, Cornell came to realize that no matter how attractive a woman may be or how well she is adorned; there is an element of humanity that can only be touched through the power of music, the inspiration of spirituality and the art of beautification. Realizing his call, Cornell began his journey and became a graduate of Kingdom University and a student of Destiny School of Ministry.

In addition to his tireless work in the beauty industry Cornell is also singer/songwriter and has been lending himself to work of music by integrating beautiful melodies with the powerful message of love, hope and liberty. When he’s not writing, performing or engaging with his ever growing female following. Cornell is serving as a lecturer at various events and worship services.

Cornell Jermaine has impacted the beauty industry with his innovative styling techniques but is now proceeding even further through his endeavors to help bring wholeness to women around the world. With ongoing educational programs, high standards of service and professional production of events, Jermaine is committed to complete the task at hand and hopes something he does will inspire women to be free, beautifully.