Lee Ann Womack I hope you danceI must admit every time I listen to this song I feel multiple emotions. I’m sadden probably because I can feel the heart of this mother who’s attempting to pull her babies out of a pit of despair before they even get there. This comes from a place that many parents, grandparents and those who’ve ever had the responsibility of caring for or rearing a child knows all about. The mission of most in this position is to love, teach and train and the hope is that somewhere in the midst of all that  they’ll keep the child from making the same mistakes they’ve made. This to me is an honorable place to be because whomever suffers or experiences circumstances, in order to be sure that the generations following don’t have to go down the same road is in a great position, but an even greater position for the one who follows ‘what a wonderful place to be” someone went through hell and high water just for you and me. The shocking thing about it is you must do the same for someone else. In my opinion if every generation loves, teaches and trains we will all become better in the long run. On the other hand when I listen to this beautiful song I hear all the inspiration, motivation and hope that the one on the receiving end is getting. Listening in on all that energy brings my heart joy because from where I sit there is always a man that needs motivation, a life that needs inspiration and a heart that needs hope.  My takeaway is that life is worth living and while living it, it should be enjoyed. Sitting on the side line watching others evolve, become, achieve, receive and believe is never as fun as evolving, becoming, achieving, receiving and believing in yourself, yes sitting in the chair and watching others learn the steps of life is easy and most times comfortable, but never profitable. Take a risk; give yourself a chance, the next time someone asks you “I hope you dance”.

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