“IMAGINE” Randy Crawford


I’m listening to this song and I really hear the heart of the songwriter. This song comes from a place of compassion and harmony. The songwriter John Lennon had a desire to see the world live in unity and peace. He’s speaking about all the things that tend to breed discord amongst us as a human race, he’s saying what if this didn’t exist and what if that wasn’t an issue, we could all live as one. As I think about the concept of living in a world where peace and unity is the norm I must admit it’s a bit scary because I believe we’ve become so accustom to fighting and feuding that complete peace and harmony though tranquil and refreshing would be a little strange. Though we long to live peaceably together we know that may be a challenge and for some impossible because we will all never agree all the time about everything. But the problem is not us being in agreement about every little issue, it’s about us respecting one another’s idea, point of view, perspective, concern, belief whatever it may be. I believe we spend more time trying to impress our beliefs and convictions on one another that we do more harm than good. I think if we learn to hear each other out  and understand why we say what we say and do what we do and believe the way we believe we may not only gain a friend but we may also get some insight and broaden our own perspective. If I were to change the lyrics to this song I’d say “imagine all the people, listening along the way” listen to your neighbor, your fellow brother and love them in spite of their differences”. Some of us are so dogmatic in our approach to win someone over to our way of thinking, living and being that we tend to upset and frustrate people to the point that they hate to see us coming, and then we want to pray for world peace. How about we start by first recognizing that everyone is not going to think like us and live like us and that’s okay. Sometimes we want the best for people before they’re ready for it.  Remember that old adage “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” nobody likes to be force fed but we’ll run to the kitchen when we are hungry and ready to eat. The same is true with all the many perspectives, beliefs and ways of living in the world. Just live your life learn to listen & love and when that person is ready they’ll be open to receive and if they never become open to receive from you that’s okay too because we’ll never agree on everything whether it be food fun or fashion we will all have our own beliefs and ways of doing things but if we can respect each other regardless we can at least live in harmony, that space where our differences fit together so well that they sound angelic. It’s true we’re better together than apart and you could be the first to start, imagine that.

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