This has been my theme for many years and will continue to be. As I listen to the catchy rhymes, funky beat and the simple message that this song carries I can’t help but to feel inspired. Though the message in this song is one that can be interpreted in many ways I tend to grasp a message of motivation and realization. Have you ever been sitting very still in deep thought? If you haven’t then you should do it every now and then, it will change your life. It’s in those times when reality sets in for me. You see being in the kind of industries that I’m in you need moments of stillness because it’s so easy to get caught up in a fairytale existence. For me I take those moments to reflect and in reflecting I realize many things. One of the most amazing realization I have is that time waits for no one. Though a simple realization it’s a powerful one. It’s very funny to me that in my moment of stillness I’m thinking about the seemingly relentless motion of time. However in those moments I’m motivated beyond belief because I realize that my life is one that must be lived to the fullest in every moment and every day in order to give all that it has to offer. In these times of realization you should also be motivated to move on with your life. Forgetting those things that are passed and pursuing on to greater. So many times we spend what should be our quit moments of stillness in long periods of mental clutter, drama and junk.  Making the decision to live your life in peace, love and prosperity will cause you to know that you’re valuable and amazing and have a lot to offer the world but time is not and will not wait on you. Therefore it is advantageous for all of us to forget about the past mistakes, heartaches, headaches, drama and nonsense of our past, it should be just that, the past. Learn to leave and cleave, living in the past whether physically and or mentally you hold yourself back from all the greatness that our God has in store. You must learn to have a “so what” mentality. It’s not to make you insensitive or cruel but it’s to help you learn the lessons your past has to offer and move on. Don’t live there, don’t even think about it, because if you do you’ll begin to create a space that warrants that same type of behavior or energy. We all have failed in some respect in the past and truth be told we are prone to fail again, we’re human. The failure isn’t the problem it’s the response we have towards the failure. Live in the moment and when that moment has passed no matter what anybody else is doing, you keep on movin’!

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