I think so many times in this world of glitz and glamour fortune and fame we tend to put too many emphases on things that do not matter much. For those of you whom have experienced being close to death or have been exposed to those who have been close to the death the common thread that I find within those individuals is what they we’re inclined to perceive as valuable didn’t matter to them at all during their time crisis; cars, property, clothes, money and the like. What mattered most to them are the relationships they embraced and human connections they made or lack thereof; in my opinion all of the above matters to some degree but the latter are the things that make life really worth living. The older you get the more you realize that life is about more than just getting money and living the lavishly. One thing India Arie says in this song that I love is this “in the quest for fortune and fame don’t forget about the simple things” that is the lesson in a nutshell. Though you have a dream and want great things for your life don’t make those the priority, they should be important but not priority. What is important is how you love, how you give, how you laugh and enjoy the simple things in life. Because if disaster were to strike and demolish everything as we know it none of the things we value as far as worldly possessions would matter, our concern would be our family our friends those we’ve met along the way and shared great moments with, moments of tears, fears, joys and pains. Though the thumb is the smallest member of our hand without it we cannot grip anything, make a fist or even offer that small gesture of love and support; thumbs up. In your journey for what’s important to you remember to always make time for those you love and whom love you because when the opportunity for those moments become no more you’ll be willing to give up the bigger things for just one more chance at the little things.

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