“MAKE ME A BELIEVER” Luther Vandross


I must say this is one of my favorite songs by Luther. The message is so clear and the melody and stylizing just adds a remarkable touch to the entire piece. As I listen to this song again and again I hear a lesson ringing so loud and clear. In this musical composition he is singing to a woman that obviously he has an attraction to but somewhere in his mind he is a bit unsure about her feelings towards him. It could be that she is saying one thing but doing another. Or it could be that she has not even noticed him, yet but in his own mind he creates a place for her in his life, oh, what power we have in our mind. This is the very lesson that I believe can be learned with this particular song. The lyric says something so powerful in the beginning of the track, it says “superman can fly high, so high, way up in the sky, ‘cause we believe he can”. What a powerful lesson, I don’t know about you but this hit me like a ton of bricks. I couldn’t help but to think about the impact superhero’s like Superman has had on our society and how we watch them on the cinema screens and totally buy into the concept of the storyline being told regardless to the fact that we know the story is fiction but somewhere in our conscious mind we buy into the idea because in our humanness we need an escape from the mundane daily routine of life. Then we leave the theater and go right back to it. But I’d like to pose a question; why are we so quick to pay an overpriced fee to use a gift that is innate and ever at our disposal. I’m not knocking the great work that filmmakers, directors, actors and all those that play a role in bringing us great entertainment do. However I am concerned that we are more eager to lend our gift of imagination and mental creativity to the use of people that are not able to benefit from it unless we first use it for our self. How remarkable would it be that you took an evening to believe that you can fly high, so high, way up in the sky, instead of superman? That could be the moment you begin to realize your dreams. It may not be as easy as the motion pictures tend to make it seem but I guarantee you your chances to receive will increase greatly if you simply learn to make believe.

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