“ONE OF US” Joan Osborne


I remember the first time I heard this song and the thoughts that came to mind, the funny thing is those same thoughts are still true today. As I listen to this song again after not hearing it for many years I’m so reminded of the impact it had on me the initial time I heard it. The lyrical content of this song for me puts human connection in proper perspective. So often times we worship and praise God as the creator of all and for all the great and marvelous things he does for his people but we tend to think that our respect and honor for him is isolated when it comes to our interaction with one another on a daily basis. Yes God is great and he’s also good but is his greatness and goodness should be exemplified when we communicate with our fellowman every day? Many want to know what God looks like, in his human expression, he looks like you and I, in all of our uniqueness and shades of color and various dialects. I’m afraid you’ve been engaging with God every day of your life and have failed to realize it. So the question still stands if God were one of us, what would you do? We must understand that our financial, social or educational status has nothing to do with who we are. Many have made poor decisions in life and are a living result of those decisions, but aren’t we all? Just because you’re not considered a bum or walk the streets every night looking for a meal or a warm place to sleep doesn’t mean that you have not been the victim of your decisions. We are all where we are whether good bad or indifferent because somewhere along our life’s journey we decided to be there. We made the decision that put us in the path to receive exactly what we have right now. Having said that does your financial gain or lack thereof reflect your God image? Not at all, we all individually have our own expression of his glory in the earth whether we pay attention to it or not. So the question is not, what if God was one of us because he is all of us and loves all of us and lives in all of us. The issue is we must learn to live in Him.

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