As many of you may or may not know my blogs typically consist of things that I have seen, heard, read or encountered that have made me think or perceive something differently. You have those kind of encounters before they’re the ones that somehow seem to illuminate or give understanding to something that you always felt or believes but just didn’t posses the right words to articulate it. I guess it can be called something like an epiphany. Which I believe we have are capable of having everyday if we just open our eyes to see and ears to listen to what life has to offer.

With that being said I was watching a show the other night that I tend to watch when time permits. You’ve all heard of it even if you have never watched it’s that fascinating pop phenomenon called American Idol. While watching this particular episode Steven Tyler who is a rock icon but also holds a place as a judge on the show said something to one of the contestants that reenergized a belief that I always had.

Understand this particular contestant had shown great bravery throughout the show and ending up in the position of final four somehow really made Steven Tyler reflect on the demeanor of this contestant and how congratulatory he was seeing such character in this individual.

After saluting the contestant he recited a quote from an anonymous person that I have now adopted into my journal of life quotes “Courage is fear that’s said its prayers”. Immediately my spirit sat straight up in attention because I related to that statement with every fiber of my being. In other words we all have fear but those who have exhibited the courage that is often marveled at and thought to be inconceivable are just individuals who have recognized that fear, understand who can surmount that fear ten times over (God) and went forward anyway.

How awesome is that courage is merely fear that has bowed its knees to the Almighty in order to overcome perceived negative events which it really has never experienced before. That says to me submission to God is necessary and beneficial. So the next time you feel fear recognized for what it is but then consult God and invite him into your world and ask him to give you the courage you need in order to make it; until next time my friends be encouraged. Blessings to you always!

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