“SMILE” Uncle Kracker


The fun, comforting yet passionate expression of love that this song exudes kept me singing the hook for hours. After really taking in the message of this song I came to understand why my soul responded in such a way. I felt the exact energy that I believe the songwriter intended to express. The lesson in the song for me is that we all matter. You may wonder how I got that message out of such a song, well in this song the gentleman is talking about a person who has made a difference in his life, probably in more ways than one.  It reminds me of the old saying “you don’t miss the water ‘til the well runs dry” well obviously the character in this song was wise enough to recognize what he had before it was too late. I’m assured by this song that though we may tend to think that our life doesn’t matter because of the lies we’ve been conditioned by whatever culprit that may be to believe, on some level and some way we matter to someone. There is someone that is blessed and as the song says is made to “smile” because of something you’ve done or in many cases haven’t done. Could it be that your next door neighbor whom you may not have many conversations with is happy because you cut your grass and pick up the trash in your yard, which ultimately makes not only your yard look good but theirs as well. Could it be that your boyfriend though he may never say, smiles because you don’t make him feel guilty about not having the financial income right now to buy you all the bells and whistles that you’ve grown so accustomed to? Please understand friend it’s not always what you do sometimes it’s what you don’t do that makes people happy and always longing to be around you. Though you may never see the smiles, someone is smiling because you are in their life in one way or another. And if you feel that is untrue then make yourself a lie by intentionally putting forth the effort to make someone smile every day. Hold the door open, pump their gas, cook them dinner or simply greet them with a smile sometimes those few facial muscles are all one needs to brighten their day. My friend your life does matter and because of you someone’s life is better.

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