The Beauty, Heart, and Soul of Black Men: Exploring Their Resilience and Power - Show #158

As we wrap up this year’s Black History Month, we explore the question, “Why do Black Men Matter?” Tune in to the Build On Beauty Podcast hosted by Cornell Jermaine as he sits down with Garrett Turner, a multi-talented actor, singer, poet, playwright, scholar, and a proud black man. Together, they delve into topics such as radical imagination, structural racism, and the importance of the Black male voice.

But that’s not all; in this episode, we also take a deep dive into the tumultuous journey of Ike and Tina Turner. From their undeniable contribution to the music industry to the challenges they faced personally and professionally, learn about the lessons we can take away from their remarkable resilience. Plus, hear about Garrett’s role as Ike Turner in the hit Broadway Musical “TINA,” The Story of Tina Turner.

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