The best beauty butter.


the best Beauty ButterShea butter is a great conditioning agent particular for extremely dry hair. For women who feel their hair drinks oil this product is for you. I like to use Shea butter because it conditions the hair and adds shine without making it greasy looking however keep in mind Shea butter is extremely concentrated so a little goes a long way. This product can be used in many ways, it can be added to the hair just before pressing and curling, on wet hair before blow drying or on dry hair everyday as a conditioning styling agent. In the salon I’ve used it also as a hot oil treatment. Because Shea butter is soft and oil based you can heat it up in the microwave and apply it to clean towel blotted hair. Apply it on the scalp and the hair from root to ends massage it in thoroughly and place client under a hooded dryer with a freshly steamed towel and plastic cap over their head or under a hot steamer, rinse and style as normal using a bit of the same Shea butter.  Repeat this regimen every time you shampoo your hair and you will begin to see your hair texture improve.  Though it is an awesome product offers many benefits, Shea butter like most things, must be given a little time to work, you must be patient; it will work. I have seen hair that was extremely dry turn into hair that was softer and more manageable. I have seen clients with itchy dry scalps find that their scalps are less itchy and hardly ever dry. Shea butter is also great for the skin you can apply it after a hot bath to soften the skin, and on the heels of your feet  before applying thick tube socks to reduce dry heels. Even before you sun bathe use it to help your tanning process. I even had a colleague of mine tell me that it’s good for a cough, that has yet to be proven but as a hair conditioning treatment and a skin emollient I totally recommend it; it’s safe and all natural.

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