The Devil is Busy?

Let your soul be made whole!

build on beauty-01Let me help you understand. Think about a fight you may had in school or in your neighborhood while growing up. The bully bothered and tormented you, and attempted to start a fight with you—his prey. Whether you wanted to fight him or not, there was something that gave this enemy the power to fight you.

Close your eyes think back and remove yourself from the equation. Do you hear all the other children, teenage friends or people instigating and encouraging the fight? If you listen hard enough, you will hear that the more the crowd prompts the argument or battle, the more persistent the enemy or predator becomes.

This is why I believe that the Bible encourages us not to be corrupt by evil communication (1 Cor. 15:33). If you are lending your ear to conversations that empower the enemy, then, ultimately, you are making his name great and developing a consciousness that lends itself to your adversary.

For this reason, I have a serious problem with people who get up during testimony service, and begin or end by saying, “The devil is busy.” Why? The devil is busy because we have embraced a mentality that glorifies his acts. You see we have embraced the world’s habits and mentality. What do you see most prevalent on TV now? Everywhere you look they are magnifying negative and disturbing activities throughout the land.

The media constantly projects this by broadcasting material from our city’s that speak of violence, death, murder, failure and misfortune. We see this also in Hollywood as well. There are companies that make a substantial amount of money by simply stalking celebrities, getting footage and information about all the scandalous and malicious acts that the rich and famous have partaken in. The reason these entities can make as much money as they do is because our society has embraced such information. As a result, it has become a part of our makeup, change your life by changing your mind, say this out loud whenever you feel defeated “God has empowered me; therefore my enemies have no power over me.” And live your life in that same manner by guarding what you hear, see and say.

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