“THE GLORY OF LOVE” Peter Cetera


Here’s another great song that if I’m not mistaken was recorded for the infamous movie “Karate Kid” please correct me readers if I’m wrong. Nevertheless the song exudes such a heartfelt message. The lyric of the song is clearly speaking about a man who is expressing his love and allegiance to a particular woman. He pledges that he will fight for her and be the hero that she has always dreamed of and this heroic act is not just because he wants to impress her or look good to his buddies but it’s all for the glory of love. The word “glory” within the title of the above track really drives home to me a different conclusion. We all know that love is a power and in many cases a drug and a good drug if used under the right circumstances and with the right perception. As I listen to this song though he’s singing about his love for a woman I can’t help but to think about the love God has for us, His creation. He said that “he loved the world so that he gave his only son”. This is where the word glory stands out for me. Anytime you speak of glory you’re speaking of something bigger, greater, wiser and more powerful than yourself. The glory of love to me simply means the glory of God, because God is love. When you love someone; be it , mother, brother, sister or lover you pledge to them with that simple four letter word that you in all your power will exhibit as much of the essence of the Creator, God our heavenly Father as you humanly can. If that means take care of you when you’re sick, feeding you when you’re hungry or consoling you when you’re lonely; whether that means loving when you’ve disappointed and fighting through the hurt that human connections sometimes bring. We should press through remembering the power of love is man’s gift and God’s glory.

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