The weakest part of your hair.



the weakest part of your hair

Many women don’t realize it but the hairline is the weakest area on your entire head. For that reason it is to your advantage to be extremely cautious about the hair styles you wear. I tend to use the old adage when explaining this to my clients “too much of anything is no good”. Though this is true in many aspects of life it is very true when it comes to your hairline. Ponytails, braids and hair extensions are great ways to enhance your style but must be done in moderation as these services can overtime damage the hairline. You should even be careful with chemical services, if applying sodium hydroxide relaxers to your hair is a regimen you practice be mindful to apply the relaxer to your hairline last as this area usually takes less time to process. And by all means never apply relaxers to your hair after using a permanent color. That is a huge no no.  You may be able to get away with it for awhile but overtime it will cause damage.  If you’re starting to notice any breakage to your hairline then immediately stop all hair services that call for pulling and tugging on the hair. Consider wearing your own hair in a simple style that requires no heat and no stress. And consider treating your hair with the proper treatments and conditioners to get it back to it’s healthy state. There are many products that claim to grow out your edges, by all means give them a try and see what works for you but remember that hair growth is something that happens naturally with proper nurturing, nourishment and nutrition. It’s not about getting the hair to grow but caring for the hair after it’s grown. You may also want to check your family history because if thinning edges is hereditary for you then you most definitely want to steer clear of hairstyles that call for lots of pulling and tugging on the hair as you are more prone to damage along the hairline. The best thing to do to be sure your hairline is cared for properly is to do everything in moderation and find a hair care professional that you trust and allow them to care for your hair on a regular basis. Take care! CJ 🙂

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