I have found out in life as I’m sure many of you have that everyone wants to be connected to greatness. In my immaturity I used to think that such an act was self-centered and deceptive because why should you want to be friends with a person just because their successful or great or have been proven in certain areas. I later discovered that making friends with or seeking out people who you feel are great within their careers, communities or what have you is not self-centered or deceptive at all as long as it’s done the right way and for the right reasons.

We see this behavior time and time again on the news and we read about it in the paper. You know how it goes an average Joe is now made a millionaire after winning an astronomical amount of money. His face is flashing across the evening news and his image is plastered on newspapers worldwide. All of a sudden all these cousins and family members who are three and four times remove comes out of the woodwork. We all know why because they are looking for a hand out. Or in other words they are trying to be connected to the greatness of this man. He is now great in his financial status and for that reason people are drawn to him. This kind of behavior could be self-centered and deceptive because in most cases if that family member had not become rich they would have probably never sought him out and the moment his finances cease to exists he will more than likely never hear from them again.

This analogy is possibly a bit extreme but I use it to drive a point home that we all in some way shape or form long to be connected to greatness. The problem is not the fact that we want to be connected to greatness because that in itself is a natural thing. Greatness is attractive and should be sought after. After all we were all created to be great in and contrary to popular belief we all are great whether we have discovered it or not. The issue at hand is what is your motive for connecting to the greatness that you’ve discovered in an individual or organization?

You should gravitate to great people because in that greatness lies the wisdom, revelation and understanding you need to become the greatest expression of yourself. The key is to not become a leach or one who wants a hand out. If you find yourself in the company of great people open your ears, listen, observe and develop yourself because one day you will be that great individual that people gravitate towards and you don’t want anyone coming your way who just wants a handout or is not willing to pull their own weight in order to become who they really are.

My admonishment to you would be to let your greatness shine now even  if you’re not where you want to be in life. You are great anyway because you were created in the image and the likeness of a great God. Just because your bank account doesn’t read the way you wish does not mean you are less than or inferior to anyone.

Carry yourself the way you see yourself. And one day you will be able to share your story and encourage generations following to live in their greatness too. Yes we all want to be connected to greatness but the real truth is we already are. By all means seek out people that you admire and who’s lives you value but remember the same road they took is the one you will have to take as well. You must recognize your own uniqueness and greatness before you can show someone theirs. Just say to yourself the greatness I long to see is not just in my fellow neighbor but it is also inside of me. Eat it, Breathe it, Become it! Blessings to you always!

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