There's a message in every melody...

I am literally sitting at work right now as I write this. I am more than grateful that I had a minute or two to still away in order to capture this thought in its purest state. When starting this blog I wondered what it is that I would write about. As I began with blog number 1 then 2 I realized that I have many thoughts or ideas that come to mind everyday and I often wonder if these thoughts could have an impact on others the way they’ve had on me. I came to realize consciously that is that the human emotion is contagious.

While at work around the corner in another suite I could hear a group of people just laughing. It’s almost that sound of laughter that you hear at a family reunion or in a restaurant when a group of girlfriends are together sharing stories about their relationships family and the like. The big thing for me wasn’t the laughter that I heard but it was the fact that listening to that genuine sound of laughter without seeing anyone’s faces or having any knowledge of the matter in which they were laughing I began to smile. All of a sudden I took on that emotion of fun, freedom and excitement that was obviously felt and expressed in that room.

Just as quick as my face began to smile my head began to think; wow this is what they mean. You see people tell me all the time that when they hear me laugh it makes them laugh and they have no idea what I am laughing at they just hear this burst of energy that makes them feel good inside.

Following that thought I began to think this is exactly what entertainers do for us. They give us a boost in life by immersing us in their pool of emotion. And being a singer/songwriter myself I totally get this you know it’s something that I’ve always known. I’ve heard my music teachers and mentors say it time and time again but it wasn’t until this moment that it really clicked. My goodness the human emotion is a powerful, tangible and transferable force.

I know you’ve experienced it. Think of how many times you have heard someone laugh and it made you smile; or how many times you talked to someone who was sad and down trodden and it made you feel depressed. You have at some point in your life been affected by the contagious human spirit whether it was pleasant or not is not the issue here. The lesson I want to hone in on is that you and I have the power to indirectly alter someone’s day, mood or perspective simply by the way we express the emotions we feel.

Your passion is contagious. Your smile is contagious. Your laugh is contagious. And based on the type of energy you bring whether positive or negative will determine whether or not people hate to see you coming or can’t wait until you arrive. It’s not about a facade or a demeanor it’s simply about your ability to make someone around you think and feel better about that moment they’re in at that time. You’re a powerful person not because of financial status or worldly prestige but because you can walk in a room and simply smile and make that man way in the back who you are not even aware feel a warmth and excitement in his heart that could very well be the thing he needs to alter his perception of himself and the world he lives in. My friends use your power today for the greater good of not only yourself but those you encounter. The world will be a better place because of it. Blessings to you always!

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